Will I save money providing the champagne, wine, and liquor myself?

It is not necessarily less expensive to provide your own champagne, wine, and liquor when catering an event. The French Gourmet is fully licensed and insured by the State of California to vend and serve alcoholic beverages. There are several levels of beverage service when hiring a caterer. One of your options includes a full bar – in which we provide the liquor, mixers, ice, bar fruits, other garnishes, glasses, and napkins. If you provide the liquor you will need a to set up the bar as well as the liquor and that is expensive and time-intensive. A full-service bar provided by your caterer means our bartenders and wait staff will take care of everything. If you choose to have us provide the wine and champagne, you will only be charged for the open bottles. Our large volume allows us to price our champagne and wines very competitively. You may find that the benefits of not having to worry about procuring the liquor or of running short, combined with our expertise in recommending wines and the wide range of sources available from wholesalers, outweigh the savings, if any, you might make.

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