Food Station Style Catering

Food stations have become popular in both social and business gatherings. This style of catering can also bring a great deal of culinary pzazz to any event, making it more memorable. Food stations can be strategically placed around your event space, allowing your guests to choose from an exciting selection of food options.

Food station is like a mini-buffet – typically with a serving attendant present. A single food station may represent one type of food. Stations can be organized type of dish – meat, salads and desserts. Alternatively, you could offer different ethnic cuisines. Your guests can select options from any station, creating their own personal menu while they mingle and network.

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PROS – Food stations are usually a big hit because they’re more fun, adding excitement and pizazz to any event. Where chefs are part of the station, dishes are often cooked or assembled to order, allowing guests to have input into ingredients or preparation. Multiple food stations alleviate any bottlenecks for food service while being more social. Also, food stations allow for a higher degree of creativity when it comes to serving dishes.

CONS – Multiple food stations are suitable for larger venues — Venues that have kitchen facilities to ensure smooth execution. You may also need multiple chefs to prep and serve at each stations. Food stations, as with buffets can have higher food costs as people tend to consume more.

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