With cocktail party catering, hors d’oeuvre are typically passed by our wait staff, but they can also be presented on a table allowing guests to serve themselves. Our experienced bar staff can ensure that guests have the cocktails of their choosing. It’s a good fit for smaller events, especially those of a more personal and festive nature. With corporate events catering, it’s an ideal setup to allow people to network. For private events, it’s the perfect icebreaker where you want guests mingle and to meet one another.

Browse our cocktail party catering sample menu for an idea of the types of hors d’oeuvre you might choose. This is by no means a complete list. We have many more cocktail party menus to choose from.

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PROS – Cocktail service is great for small-to-medium gatherings and makes it easy for guests to mingle or network in a very social, relaxed, and fun environment. Food costs are typically lower when compared to other served-meal catering options.

CONS – Although food costs can be lowered, alcoholic beverage costs tend to be higher when compared to other service styles. Some guests may be anticipating a full meal. For this reason we suggest advising them of your intent to provide cocktail service when sending out invitations to the events.

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