Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a wedding, it can be a challenging task for even the most seasoned event planner. Choosing a catering service style is one of many aspects that requires consideration — especially when it comes to your budget and event size. At The French Gourmet, where we have been managing large catering events for over 30 years, we take a lot of the stress off your shoulders and ensure your event is a blowout success!

Cocktail Stylefrom $24 pp.*

  • Small to large groups
  • Great for networking, mingling
  • May not satisfy the hungry
  • Budget more for beverages
Buffet Stylefrom $28 pp.*
Buffet style catering image showing chaffing dishes

  • Good for large groups
  • Guests choose what they want
  • Slower time to complete meal service
  • People consume more
Food Stationsfrom $30 pp.*

  • Great for networking, mingling
  • More exciting style for guests
  • Faster than a buffet
  • Guests tend to eat more
Plated Dinnerfrom $40 pp.*

  • More elegant service style
  • More control over food costs
  • Requires more staff
  • More definitive timing
Takeout/Deliveryfrom $15 pp.*

  • Allows flexibilty in timing
  • Faster time to complete
  • Lower food & staff costs
  • Quality of serving falls to host
Bar Service$upon request

  • More sophisticated drinks
  • Faster, low-waste drinks service
  • Guests served responsibly
  • Less likely to run out
  • Bar will look professional
* Prices can vary a great deal depending on staffing requirements, the type of food, number of guests served, and flatware, china, glassware and equipment requirements.
corporate catering with large healthy buffet spread of mediterranean food