Buffet catering service is less formal than a plated dinner service , and it is a popular option for corporate and large social or charity events. Guests have the opportunity to socialize and chat as they wait to serve themselves from a delicious array of expertly prepared dishes.

Offering a variety of dishes while considering various dietary preferences is the key here. People can also serve amounts according to their individual appetites. Some will return for seconds if they’re still hungry or if they want to try something they missed.

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PROS – With guests helping themselves, staffing costs are reduced except where you have carving stations or other dishes requiring tight portion control. If you offer the right balance of protein and vegetarian dishes you can typically satisfy all guests, including any with special dietary restrictions or allergies.

CONS – The time for dinner service to complete will be longer, especially if there is only a single line for people to queue for their food. While you’ll have more latitude in selecting dishes for your buffet, food costs are usually higher. People tend to eat more at buffets and some serve more than they can eat.

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