How to order catering services & service options

The following options are available to you when you order our catering services:

On-site Delivery and Set-up with a delivery driver to set up your party at your home or office, and then we return after the event to pick up any serving items.

Pick-up your order from our bakery at 960 Turquoise Street in Pacific Beach, San Diego.

Full Service Catering with professional uniformed staff, servers, and bartenders. We can provide you with chairs, tables, china, glassware, silverware, tents and umbrellas, even arrange for your centerpieces, place cards, and party favors.

Hors d' Oeuvre

(pronounced 'or DERV') Small savory appetizers served before the meal, customarily with aperitifs or cocktails. They are usually one or two-bite size and can be cold or hot. Our servers offer your guests the selection of your choice on elegant trays.

Display Table

As your guests arrive they are lured by this colorful and enticing array of foods, beautifully displayed on skirted tables. The food items are easy to eat and allow for a natural flow of your guests entering your event.


Your guests serve themselves from a variety of dishes set out on a table or sideboard. Items may be hot or cold.


Small plate service from elegant, chef-attended “themed stations” that provide food to your guests in a contemporary setting, while keeping your party lively.

Family Style

Create an intimate tabletop buffet... Each guest serves him or herself from platters and bowls on a lazy-susan in the center of the table.

Sit Down Dinner

Your guests are served dinner at their table, consisting of several courses. Each table has servers assigned to take care of your guests in a friendly, unobtrusive manner.

Coffee Station, Beverages & Bar Set-Up

Our premium blends of regular and decaffeinated coffee served in our elegant coffee urns with freshly whipped sabayon cream and dark chocolate shavings. Espresso bar also available with or without frozen coffee drinks.

The French Gourmet is fully insured and licensed by the State of California to vend and serve alcoholic beverages. Your options include:

Full Bar or Premium Bar - We provide the liquor, mixers, ice, bar fruits and other garnishes, glasses and napkins.

Partial Bar - Bar set-up, which is all of the above except the liquor.

Wine and Champagne - You will only be charged for the open bottles. We have a great deal of expertise in recommending wines. Our large volume and wide range of sources available to us from wholesalers allow us to price our champagne and wines very competitively. You may find that the benefits of not having to worry about purchasing the liquor or of running short, outweigh the savings, if any, you might realize by providing your own.